I’ll admit I’m a techno-phobe, I’m wary of new systems and software. However as a business owner I know that creating eye-catching images for social media, blogs and other communications can help attract clients.

Reading the introduction to Lisa’s new e-book  ‘The Complete Guide to Canva’ it was so reassuring to read that it’s aimed at business owners with a real phobia of anything techy, or someone confident with the tech side of things who’d like to know how to get the​ best from the software.

I’ve used Canva a few times but wouldn’t say I was confident. Lisa walks you through Canva step by step from signing up for an account to creating designs. Packed with hints and tips, screen shots and useful links it is very easy to follow and understand.

And to accompany the e-book there’s a series of videos which bring the theory to life. Lisa shares her extensive knowledge of Canva making it accessible to all, even a complete beginner.

I now realise the potential of Canva, how it can be used for so many different types of designs and the range of functionality. You really can produce high quality graphics simply and quickly following Lisa’s advice. I would recommend this e-book to anyone looking to use Canva for graphic design.

Jan Ambrose

Jan Ambrose Hypnotherapy & Coaching

I love the logo Lisa created for me! She really took the time to understand what I wanted my logo to be like and responded to my emails very quickly.

Everyone who has seen it has highly complimented it and I’m very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Lisa and thank you Lisa for your hard work on this.

Tracey Dean

I’ve been attempting to build my own website for months now and had got stuck on a number of issues. I was getting quite frustrated and then someone in a brilliant Group we both belong to recommended Lisa.

I arranged a Power Hour with her, answered her pre-questionnaire and then spent the allocated time via Zoom watching how she transformed the problematic areas of my website in minutes. Lisa explains clearly as she goes along and records the session.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching her work, learned lots of tips along the way and was extremely pleased with the result. Lisa then sent the whole recording to me which has been invaluable and I’ve revisited it a few times already.

I thoroughly recommend Lisa if you are struggling with your website.

Dawn Roffe

A New Dawn VA

Just wanted to praise Lisa Porto for redesigning my website so beautifully.

I wanted something incredibly minimal… like the bare minimum – literally homepage, eBooks, blog posts and a contact form, and she just ‘got’ it.

She even made my logo all gold and shiny which made me very happy ?✨

Oh and she put up with my complete and utter lack of tech know-how. She is an angel ?

Georgina Chapman

Georgina Online Ltd

I’ve been working alongside Lisa for a while now for a mutual client, and I have to say how amazing she is.

Her tech skills and general VA skills are amazing, no job is too big (or too small) and her time keeping outstanding. A great team member, I would highly recommend you add her to yours if you need support!

Lisa Mimms

Let Lisa Do It

I would like to thank Lisa for all her help with my website, organising events and other, day to day administrative tasks as and when needed. I have always found Lisa Jane to have some very good and constructive suggestions and shows she has an expertise both in the subject matter as well as the tasks in hand. Everything is always completed in a professional manner and on time.

In the past, Lisa has organised fundraising events, flyers, parent booklets, policies, auditing tools and posters for various situations. Where I have needed some additional support with managing my website I have been emailed some step by step guidance specific to my website which has been most helpful.


Queens Road Playgroup

Lisa did my daughter’s very first CV. Very professional layout and I am extremely impressed with the service we received.

I would highly recommend and would definitely use her services again. Thank you again Lisa.

Katie Evans

Fantastic service, Lisa completely re-made our two websites, moved the hosting across and sorted all our email addresses and accounts into one easy to manage suite. Her knowledge and expertise made the process swift and accurate. Would fully recommend her to anyone running a business!!

Mike Power

PostureWorx Ltd

I hired Lisa for a power hour to help me sort out some technical work. The result is that I was able to automate tasks that allowed me to increase engagement rates for a project. This was an enormous benefit to my business! Her pre-call questionnaire asked me for my questions, which I provided.

At our call, she provided all the answers and even had done some additional research for me.

At the end, I was able to set up the technical events and she provided me with call recordings I can reference later.

I would definitely work with her again!

Deborah Ager

Radiant Media Labs

Thank you Lisa for designing and setting up my website, and guiding me through the processes. Lisa is very professional, knowledgeable and patient.

Lisa also put together business cards and compliment slip designs for me. I am very happy with the result and would recommend Lisa.

Juliet Williams

Fia Fedele & Friends

Just wanted to get in touch and share how well the evergreen funnel is working. Since I place just one Facebook ad on Friday I have added 200 people to my email list via the funnel!! I haven’t even opened it up to the US market or added a retargeting ad yet!

Lisa, just wanted to thank you so much! It’s taken time to get it done, but getting it done properly is certainly paying off and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

Now on to the Pinterest funnel!

Cake Designer

I had an issue on one of my social media platforms where the link to my website wouldn’t show as a preview, it just looked like a bunch of letters & numbers.

Lisa identified & corrected the problem in such quick time, after explaining in simple terms for me to understand the problem.

I will definitely be outsourcing to Lisa in future, thank you!

Carole Searle

CS Virtual PA

I first had the pleasure of working with Lisa as her mentor and from the off felt a connection with her as a fellow sufferer of a debilitating chronic disease. As I worked with her more I knew she wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of creating not only a better working life for herself, but also put equal effort and love into supporting the clients that make it possible.

Fast forward a few months and Lisa did some work for me as an associate. She seriously underplays her ability to control any WordPress situation! When I had to take time out of my business at the end of 2019 Lisa was my first thought to cover my two WordPress clients, my two longest standing clients, two very important clients! I trusted her without doubt to run their businesses in my absence, and she never complains. Despite living with her chronic health conditions she delivers a top class service every time I work with herLisa continues to build a business that not only serves her but also serves her clients to the highest standards.

Catherine Gladwyn

Catherine Online

Lisa was recommended to me and I’m very glad she was. I’m very pleased to recommend her.

My needs were mainly based around email management and account reconciliation.

Lisa’s done a fantastic job; she’s thorough, helpful and she’s managed the transition for most of our clients really well.

I’m so pleased we got a chance to work together, and I’m looking forward to doing so in the future too.

Rich Mehta

Rigorous Digital

Thank you so much for the designs. Perfect for what I need. Be back for more soon!


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