Power Hours

Okay, so your first question might be what on earth is a Power Hour?

Let me explain;
a Power Hour is a full hour, one to one with me via Zoom, where I can provide you with tailored support and expert guidance on key areas to enhance your online presence and ensure it is consistent.

During a Power Hour we can cover those key elements you really want to get your head around. You will have an hour, with me, via Zoom, focused on your WordPress website, using Canva, using ManyChat, setting up your email marketing or social media.

We will looking at your chosen areas in depth, helping you to understand those challenging areas. 

Prior to the Power Hour, you will be required to complete a questionnaire outlining exactly what you’d like to focus on, and we will cover as much as we can within the hour. If you have a lot you would like to cover then please do bear in mind you may need more than one Power Hour.

The session will be tailored to your needs and level of experience and you will come away feeling more confident in your ability.

As an ex-teacher I can ensure that this session is tailored to your individual learning style and needs.

All my current Power Hours are listed below, however, if you are needing support in an area not listed, do contact me to find out if I can help. If I can’t, I will likely to be able to recommend someone in my network who can.

WordPress Power Hour

Client feedback

I’ve been attempting to build my own website for months now and had got stuck on a number of issues. I was getting quite frustrated and then someone in a brilliant Group we both belong to recommended Lisa.

I arranged a Power Hour with her, answered her pre-questionnaire and then spent the allocated time via Zoom watching how she transformed the problematic areas of my website in minutes.

Lisa explains clearly as she goes along and records the session. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching her work, learned lots of tips along the way and was extremely pleased with the result.

Lisa then sent the whole recording to me which has been invaluable and I’ve revisited it a few times already. I thoroughly recommend Lisa if you are struggling with your website.

Dawn Roffe

A New Dawn VA

I hired Lisa for a power hour to help me sort out some technical work.

The result is that I was able to automate tasks that allowed me to increase engagement rates for a project. This was an enormous benefit to my business!

Her pre-call questionnaire asked me for my questions, which I provided. At our call, she provided all the answers and even had done some additional research for me. At the end, I was able to set up the technical events and she provided me with call recordings I can reference later.

I would definitely work with her again!

Deborah Ager

Radiant Media Labs

Interested in working together?

If the answer is yes, or even a maybe, then why not get in touch with me today.