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Are you a business owner who wants to grasp Canva so you can start creating those beautiful graphics for your business?

Need some guidance?

You are in luck!

This eBook will give you a thorough understanding of Canva.

You will learn:

 what the benefits of visual content are
 how visual content can help attract more clients online
 how to confidently use Canva (and get over some of those tech fears!)
 how to create stunning images for your business

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I’ll admit I’m a techno-phobe, I’m wary of new systems and software. However as a business owner I know that creating eye-catching images for social media, blogs and other communications can help attract clients.

Reading the introduction to Lisa’s new e-book  ‘The Complete Guide to Canva’ it was so reassuring to read that it’s aimed at business owners with a real phobia of anything techy, or someone confident with the tech side of things who’d like to know how to get the​ best from the software.

I’ve used Canva a few times but wouldn’t say I was confident. Lisa walks you through Canva step by step from signing up for an account to creating designs. Packed with hints and tips, screen shots and useful links it is very easy to follow and understand.

And to accompany the e-book there’s a series of videos which bring the theory to life. Lisa shares her extensive knowledge of Canva making it accessible to all, even a complete beginner.

I now realise the potential of Canva, how it can be used for so many different types of designs and the range of functionality. You really can produce high quality graphics simply and quickly following Lisa’s advice. I would recommend this e-book to anyone looking to use Canva for graphic design.

Jan Ambrose

Jan Ambrose Hypnotherapy and Coaching

I have been messing around with Canva for ages and not really known how to use it. I see lots of great designs across other people’s social media platforms, but I have never been able to get mine to look the same. In reality I just didn’t have the time to work out how to use it.

I saw Lisa’s posts on LinkedIn and Facebook talking about her latest ebook “The Complete Guide to Canva” and knowing that Lisa is an excellent Graphic Designer and Web Designer I thought I would give it a go.
This ebook is literally a COMPLETE guide to Canva, Lisa takes you through every element on the free and paid plans. The ebook is clearly laid out and so easy to understand. There are also video tutorials included in each section which just simplified the whole thing for me. I like to watch and then have a go, so I was able to pause the videos and create some designs at the same time.
The ebook is really well laid out and takes you on a journey though Canva, the best parts for me were the design tips and how to create your first design, as I am not creative at all. Lisa makes the process of using Canva really easy and I can honestly say I am now confident in using Canva and will be able to create the designs I need for my business and my upcoming promotions.

I would 100% recommend Lisa’s ebook ‘The Complete Guide to Canva’. Stop wasting time trying to work Canva out and let an expert show you how to use it! Thanks Lisa!

Pam Langan

Career Success Club

I recently purchased Lisa’s “The complete guide to Canva” e-book and I have to say it’s an awful lot more than I was expecting. As someone who does a lot of Social Media, I’d kind of grown to think of Canva as a photo resource centre and nothing else but have my eyes been truly opened by Lisa and her comprehensive guide. As I wanted to try and take Canva to the next level after reading a few articles (by Lisa) about it, I decided that taking the plunge and learning how to really exploit it was the right thing to do. I’d say that as a Canva “amateur” previously, I certainly wouldn’t regard myself as one now.

What impressed me the most were the shortcut guides and the videos. The step by step guides are extremely simple and done in a way to make it so easy to understand each process and as a very visual learner, this was a brilliant way to learn. I just love the way the book is illustrated and how easy it is to read and digest; I also thought the annotations to show the differences between the versions were so helpful as it’s a huge choice many of us will have to make regarding subscription or free. In a world where Social Media is such a huge driver for business, you really need something that can give you that competitive edge and make your posts stand out visually.

This is simply a must for anyone who uses Canva new or old! Thank-you Lisa, great work.

Scott Fraser

People Development Consultant and Trainer

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