What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are becoming more commonly known these days. However, you still may not be entirely clear on what a virtual assistant is or does. This post will give you a brief overview of a virtual assistant.

What is a virtual assistant?

Put quite simply, a virtual assistant is someone that provides services to support you and your business, from a remote location, for example, their home office. These services could include general administration, email and diary management, call handling, transcription, website services and much more! You will find that every virtual assistant has their own specialist services and skill set. No two will be identical. Some will offer generic services, and others may offer one main service, for example, working as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

How are they different to an employee?

A virtual assistant is usually self-employed and works as a freelancer. Therefore, you will not incur the same costs associated with an employee. For example, you would not need to pay holiday pay, sick pay, national insurance, pensions contributions or tax. With a self-employed virtual assistant, you only pay them for the work they complete. Depending on the virtual assistant and services they offer, they may charge an hourly rate, offer monthly retainers, or packages.

Even though a virtual assistant will be working remotely, you will still maintain regular contact with them. Communication with a virtual assistant could be via phone, email or via video calls, using software such as Skype or Zoom. The frequency of contact can also be agreed. These can be discussed and decided at the consultation, to ensure the methods and frequency is doable and suits both parties.

Why would I need a virtual assistant?

You might be reading this and thinking; That’s all very well, but why do I need a Virtual Assistant?! Well, that depends on you. Reflect on your business and life for a minute. Are you forever having to complete repetitive yet important tasks, whereas there are bigger things you’d rather be focusing on? Do you find that you haven’t got enough hours in the day to complete everything that needs completing? Have you always dreamed of going to Hawaii, but just never had the time to research travel and accommodation? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you could definitely benefit from working with a virtual assistant.

What next?

Hopefully, this overview of a virtual assistant has given you a better insight, into what a virtual assistant is and does. If you think a virtual assistant could have a positive impact on you and your business then let me know in the comments below.

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